Oatmeal Bowls with Oats and Flax (Breakfast)

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Certified USDA organic oatmeal bowls complimented with carefully selected ingredients.


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If you’re a daily healthy breakfast eater we have a perfect bowl for you. Certified USDA organic oatmeal complimented with carefully selected ingredients which gives our oatmeal the right twist of rich flavorful combinations.

Choose from:

Harmony in a Bowl: Organic dried Goji berries together with sliced almonds, a shake of brown sugar all on top of hot organic oatmeal.
Divine Tropical Heaven: Hot organic oatmeal topped with coconut cashew crumbles, dried coconut flakes, and maple syrup.
Macadamia’s Mania: Organic oatmeal with macadamia nuts, golden raisins, drizzled with raspberry syrup, and topped with crushed raspberries.
Touch of Sunrise: Organic oatmeal with dried organic cranberries, sliced almonds, orange syrup, and cinnamon.
Chocolate Fusion: Bowl of oatmeal where Belgian chocolate chunks meet together with fresh blueberries, coconut flakes, and topped with walnuts.
Pina Colada Morning: Hot organic oatmeal topped with sliced pineapple, coconut cashew crumbles, and dried coconut flakes.
Pistachio Liscious Bowl: Hot oatmeal topped with dried apricots crushed pistachios, white sesame seeds drizzled with honey and decorated with crushed raspberries.
Strudel in a Bowl: Hot oatmeal with fresh cut apples, chilled blackberries, organic honey drizzle, and cinnamon.
Divinity Skorpios Island: Hot oatmeal with a scoop of real Greek yogurt in the middle, surrounded by varieties of berries and sprinkled with chia seeds.

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Harmony in a Bowl, Divine Tropical Heaven, Macadamia’s Mania, Touch of Sunrise, Chocolate Fusion, Pistachio Licious Bowl, Strudel in a Bowl, Divinity Skorpios Island, Pina Colada Morning