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Take life one sip at a time
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We welcome you to sip a delicious cup of coffee at our coffee shop just steps from the vibrant center of Downtown Naples, FL. Surrounded by the beauty and charm of Naples, a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso is the perfect way to start the day.

Enjoy your time here from the comfort of our outdoor patio and make use of the Free Wi-Fi provided. You can also stop by for breakfast or lunch with a variety of breakfast plates, sandwiches and salads.

If you have some time, savor a glass of red, white or sparkling wine to relax in the evening, and explore our selection of happy hour wine cocktails paired with a charcuterie board.

We are proud to serve the finest European Coffee from Julius Meinl to our customers and show our passion for Naples, Florida to locals and visitors alike. We also invite you to bring back some of our delicious Julius Meinl coffee beans to brew at home.


Story Behind


Founded in 1862, Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world and has maintained its reputation as a supplier of premium quality coffees and teas to this day.

Our amazing coffees are crafted through the constant care of coffee artisans. However, this isn’t something that started yesterday or the day before. It has involved five generations of our family history and the passion of our hardworking people.

Our small-lot roasted blends and single-origins come together with the fascinating stories of farmers, roasters and baristas who, with their special expertise, have helped create them.

roasting process


The degree of roasting is important for optimal preparation of the coffee.

Light roast

Creates an intense aroma, higher acidity and more body on the palate.

Medium roast

Brings out more of the bean subtleties, aromatic, caramelized, slightly less acidic.

Dark roast

Leads to a harsh, strongly caramelized and more intense taste, suitable for espresso.


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Coffee and Drinks

Coffee & Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks


Freshly brewed coffee, regular or decaf
(S) $1.90 (L) $2.60


Espresso with steamed milk
(S) $3.15 (L) $4.15


Espresso with steamed milk and chocolate
(S) $3.60 (L) $4.55


Espresso with steamed milk and milk foam
(S) $3.15 (L) $4.15


Espresso with water
(S) $2.95 (L) $3.25


Finely ground very dark roast coffee, packed tightly and brewed under pressure.
(S) $2.15 (D) $2.70

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate made with the finest cocoa powder
(S) $2.50 (L) $3.65

French Press Coffee

Coffee is pressed to the bottom of the vessel to get the best of the extracts

Hot Tea

Freshly brewed tea made with whole tea leaves

Hot Tea (Organic)

Freshly brewed tea made with whole organic tea leaves

Cold Drinks & Addons

Cold Drinks

Iced Tea

Refreshing freshly brewed iced tea made with whole tea leaves.
(S) $2.05 (L) $2.50

Iced Latte

A layered espresso beverage blended with cold milk.
(S) $3.25 (L) $3.95

Iced Coffee

Cold brewed coffee made with 100% arabica beans
(S) $2.25 (L) $2.65

Milk (Almond, Coconut, Soy)

Different milk options

Pineapple Shake

Fresh shake made with pineapple

Watermelon w/ Mint

Fresh shake made with watermelon and mint

Syrups (Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla)

Flavored syrups for coffee

Additional Espresso (Addon)

Addon for espresso



Served until 11 am

Hot Croissant Sandwiches

Croissant Ham and Swiss

Made with Greens

Croissant Turkey and Swiss

Made with Greens

Croissant Chicken and Swiss

Made with Greens

Croissant Smoked Salmon Brie

Made with Greens

Croissant with Bried

Made with Greens

Croissant with Nutella




Boiled Egg with Toast

Made with Toast and Soft Swiss Cheese

Boiled Egg with Toast

Made with Toast Brie and Rosemary Ham

Boiled Egg with Toast

Made with Mozzarella, Pepper Salami, Hot Capicollo, and Hot Calabrese

Organic Greek Yogurt

Made with Coconut, Granola and Fruit

Organic Greek Yogurt Platter

Made with Banana, Granola and Fruits

Organic Coconut Granola

Made with Your Choice of Hot Milk

Oatmeal with Berry Fruits

Made with Berry Fruits, Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds

Oatmeal with Coconut

Made with Coconut, Chia Seeds, Raisins and Cinammon

Oatmeal with Pistachios

Topped with Pistachios, Dried Apricots, Crushed Raspberry, Sesame Seeds and Honey

European Cherry Berry Muesli

Made with Your Choice of Hot Milk


Lunch & Dinner

Chiabatta Sandwiches

(No Nitrates)

BLT Sandwich

Made with Tukey Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato with Mayonnaise on Crispy Ciabatta served with veggies

Ham Sandwich

Made with Uncured Ham, Tomato, Lettuce, and Pickle with Herb Mustard on Hot Ciabatta Bread. Served with Veggie Straws.

Turkey Pesto Sandwich

Made with Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce, and Pickle on Hot Ciabatta Bread. Served with Veggie Straws.

Add Swiss Cheese or Provolone


Chicken Honey Sandwich

Made with Sliced Chicken, Tomato, Lettuce, and Pickle with Honey Mustard on Toasted Ciabatta Bread. Served with Veggie Straws.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Salad made from White Meat with Tomato, Lettuce, and Pickle on Toasted Ciabatta Bread. Served with Veggie Straws.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Smoked Alaskan Salmon with Tomato, Lettuce and Smashed Avocado on Ciabatta Bread. Served with Veggie Straws.

Organic Salads

Green Salad with Brie

Made with Brie, Walnut and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Green Salad with Tomato

Made with Tomato, Mozzarella and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Green Salad with Goat Cheese

Made with Goat Cheese, Red Beets, and Beet with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Chicken Salad

Made with White Meat Chicken over Greens in a bowl

Ginger Salad Mix

Made with Spring Mix Topped with Savory Seed Mixture with Cranberries, Blue Cheese and Ginger Vinaigrette

Add Grilled Chicken




Warm Desserts



Croissant with Nutella


Croissant with Strawberry Jam

Made with Organic Strawberry Jam Filling

Croissant with Mixed Berry Jam

Made with Organic Mixed Berry Jam Filling

Croissant with Pistachio and Honey

Made with Pistachio Filling, Topped with Crushed Pistachio and Honey

Croissant with Orange Jam

Made with Organic Orange Jam Filling

Cheese Danish with Blackberries


Cheese Danish with Strawberries


Cheese Danish with Blueberries


Cheese Danish with Raspberries


Cold Desserts

Imported German Pound Cake


Imported German Cakes

Daily Selections
$6.90 and up

Ice Cream

Chocolate or Vanilla

Organic Greek Yogurt

Made with Wild Honey



Our selection of fine wines

Craft Beer


Enjoy locally brewed craft beer

Book a space in our meeting room


Make use of our private meeting room with everything you need for business meetings and presentations.


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Find Us

Address and Business Hours:

851 4th Ave S, Naples FL 34102


open hours

Sunday – Thursday 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday 7:30 am – 12:00 am

Coffee for Uniforms

Donate 50% of the cost of a cup of coffee and show your appreciation for people in uniform (Fire, Medical and Law Enforcement) We will cover the rest!


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