European Plates of Eggomania (Breakfast)

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Enjoy one of our European inspired egg breakfasts.


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We bring your memories back. Enjoy one of our European inspired egg breakfasts. Eat chilled hard boiled egg right from the shell, served with warm flaky croissant and compliment every bite with selected meats and cheeses. Travel to the city and eat like a true European.

Bonjour Meaux: Chilled hard-boiled egg, silky French brie, rosemary ham, and a crispy warm croissant.
Goedemorgen Amsterdam: Hard-boiled egg, hard salami, and authentic Dutch gouda cheese nestled next to a Julius Meinl Croissant.
Dobro Jutro Beograd: Try this Mediterranean dish. A cold hard-boiled egg, with a stack of sliced mozzarella cheese, tomato with balsamic drizzle, and a hot tasty croissant.
Godmorgen Copenhangen: Meet the combination of a hard-boiled egg, Swiss cheese, Havarti and aged Cheddar cheeses, accompanied by ham, and a hot croissant.
Buongiorno Milan: Our white plate is dressed with Italian hard salami, Italian provolone, a cold hard-boiled egg, and our celebrated flaky croissant.

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Bonjour Meaux, Goedemorgen Amsterdam, Dobro Jutro Beograd, Godmorgen Copenhangen, Buongiorno Milan