Ciabatta Artisan European Sandwiches (Selection)

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Artisan European Sandwiches.


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Artisan European Ciabatta Sandwiches

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Vegging Out on a Bun: Ciabatta bread, drizzled with balsamic glaze, layered with slices of mozzarella, tomato, cucumber, and organic greens.
Just Beet it, Beet it: Crunchy Ciabatta with crumbled goat cheese, sliced pickled red beets, fresh tomato and organic mixed greens.
Gobble Gobble on a Garden: Ciabatta bread smeared with pesto sauce, topped with sliced turkey, tomato, pickles, and organic mixed greens.
Hamming it Up: Crispy ciabatta bread, garden mustard, uncured ham, tomato, European pickles, and organic mixed greens.
Honey Mother Clucker: Crispy ciabatta with honey mustard, sliced chicken meat, tomato, pickles, and mixed greens.
Vintage Ham-ingway: Ciabatta with a layer of garlic aioli mustard, cured Italian Rosemary ham, pickle, tomato, and organic greens.
Arsotaliano: Ciabatta sandwich with aioli mayonnaise, Italian dry salami, European pickles, tomato, and organic mixed greens.
Ba-Le-To Turkey: It’s a BLT, hot ciabatta smeared with mayonnaise, layered with crispy Turkey bacon, tomato, organic greens, and pickles.
Piccanti Amichetto Italiano Tramezzino: A ciabatta smeared with BBQ mayonnaise, spicy Italian salami, pickles, tomato and organic mixed greens.
Chipotle Harte-On: A ciabatta, chipotle mustard, hard salami, pickles, tomato, and organic mixed greens.
Clucker Mix Sammie: Hot ciabatta with our white meat chicken salad, cranberries, pecans and honey. Topped with tomato, pickles and greens.
Salmon Explorer: Ciabatta with smashed avocado, sliced pink smoked salmon, tomato, with European pickles and mixed greens.

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Gobble Gobble on a Garden, Hamming it Up, Honey Mother Clucker, Salmon Explorer, Vegging Out on a Bun, BeefitUp, Vintage Ham-ingway, Just Beet it Beet it, Arsotaliano, Ba-Le-To Turkey, Piccanti Amichetto Italiano Tramezzino, Chipotle Harte-On, Clucker Mix Sammie